Name: Fotis Kournoutas

Position: Ph.D. student

Research topic: Excited state dynamics of bodipy and multibranched chromophores


Name: Dimitris Georgiou

Position: M.Sc. student

Research topic: Protonation properties of quinazoline chromophores. Two-photon absorption properties of benzothiazoles.


Name: Stefanos Veropoulos

Position: Undergraduate student

Research topic: Protonation studies and white light emission of D-pi-A molecules


Name: Chryssa Panagopoulou

Position: Undergraduate student

Research topic: Dual fluorescence in organic chromophores


Name: Ioannis Georgoulis

Position: Undergraduate student

Research topic: Photophysics of quadrupolar benzothiazole molecules.


Name: Chryssa Vourdaki

Position: Undergraduate student

Research topic: Comparative studies of octupolar vs. model dipolar systems.


External Collaborators

Dr. Ioannis Polyzos (also at ICEHT/FORTH)

Past Members

Natalia Kantouni, B. Sc.

Ioannis Kalis, M. Sc.

Ilias Heliotis, B. Sc. (currently M.Sc. student in National Technical University of Athens)

Konstantinos Robotis, B.Sc.

Chrysa Avramopoulou, B.Sc.

Vassilios Petropoulos, M.Sc. (currently Ph.D. student at Polytechnico di Milano)

Maria Anna Dori, Ph.D.

Lydia-Smaro Aligizaki, M.Sc.

Ilias Nikolinakos, M.Sc. (currently Ph.D. student at University of Strasbourg, France)

Andreas Belavgenis, B.Sc.

Kostas Seintis, Ph.D. (currently post-doc researcher in University of Geneva)

George Lygris, B.Sc.

Marios Maimaris, B.Sc. (currently at Imperial College)

Andreas Sknondras, B.Sc.

Evripidis Michail, M.Sc. (currently Ph.D. student at University of Würzburg, Germany)

Nikos Droseros, M.Sc. (currently Ph.D. student at University of Fribourg, Switzerland)

Damianos Agathagellou, M.Sc. (currently Ph.D. student at University of Strasbourg, France)

Niki Papachristou, M.Sc. (curently Ph.D. student at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh)

Dimitrios Polyzos, M.Sc. (currently Ph.D. student at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh)

Dimitrios Kotsias, M.Sc.

Dafni Chroni, M.Sc. (currently Ph.D. student at Hellenic Pasteur Institute)

Ioannis Fitilis, Ph.D. (currently teaching assistant at TEI Crete, Chania)

Dimitrios Anestopoulos, Ph.D. (currently post-doc researcher at Forth/ICEHT and teaching assistant at TEI of Ionian Islands)

George Tsigaridas, Ph.D. (currently Ass. Professor at National Technical University of Athens)